Disinfection Tunnels.

Disinfecting tunnels TD series are designed to obtain finely dispersed aerosols of liquid disinfectants for the purpose of decontamination of outer clothing and open human skin.

The spray system guarantees a uniform distribution of sanitizer. It can work with any acceptable disinfectant, both in pure and dissolved in water, various types of disinfectant fluids, also with ozonized or electrolyzed water.

Disinfection is carried out by spraying an antiseptic spray to a finely dispersed state. U-shaped collectors provide a uniform supply of sanitizer to the entire outer surface of a person’s clothing. The configuration includes a storage container that provides continuous operation. The spray system is activated by a motion sensor. The processing mode is customizable, the standard value is 3-5 seconds per person. Tunnel disinfection is an effective solution to fight against viruses and bacteria.

Design features






  • Easy to assemble and disassemble ECO, EXP series.

  • Fast and uniform disinfection of outerwear and open areas of the body.

  • Suitable for objects with high traffic (3–5 seconds per person).

  • The possibility of using different types of a sanitizer.

  • Economical consumption of sanitizer.

  • Easy to install.

  • Easy to use (indoors and outdoors).

  • Weather resistance (rain, dust, wind).

Payment and Shipment Terms

Production time – on request. Terms of payment - 40% at the start of production, 60% at the time of shipment of equipment. Delivery terms - according to Incoterms 2020. Delivery to 50 km free. Price – Includes assebly, delivery to 50 km, full tank of disinfectant, excludes VAT.

Warranty Terms

Warranty on the main components - 24 months from the date of putting the equipment into operation. During the warranty period of operation, the supplier provides warranty service for the equipment. The supplier provides the necessary spare parts for the entire warranty period. The supplier provides technical support (including advice on the proper use of equipment operating modes) by phone, email. The quality of the components included in the equipment delivery package is guaranteed by their manufacturers in accordance with the standards or specifications for them.