For services and households.

It is an ozone cleaner suitable for disinfection of specific goods, face masks, and even shoes or full grocery bags. We offer a fully automatic cleaner operated by microcomputer, that ensures fully enclosed cleaning cycle, including the following decay of used disinfectant gas O₃.

The box has a possibility to clean merely anything that can fit inside, if the lid can be securely closed. Then, the process starts with just a push of a button.

In principal, it is a fully automated device – insert an item, the cycle is on. When the cleaning process is finished, the device sets a gas decay cycle of generated O₃, with help of carbon filters, it begins the accelerated process of breaking down O₃ into standard O₂. After the signal sounds, it is safe to remove disinfected items and continue in cleaning other items. The device can be easily compared e.g. to a washing machine – dirty goes in, clean goes out.

The whole process is based on system of control sensors. The concentration levels of the disinfectant gas are periodically checked to repeatedly activate the generator with recurring checks of gas levels. The time period is regulated to a necessary minimum.

The device takes into consideration humidity, temperature and the amount of ozone, then it calculates the time needed to ensure a 100% effectiveness. After the decay cycle, the system checks the ozone levels in the enclosed area and does not allow the lid to be opened until it is safe to do so. This way the system prevents gas leak and ensures safe and comfortable use of the disinfectant device within your needs.

The device is constructed for disinfecting commonly used items with maximum safety in both households and commercial areas.

Best used for:

  • cleaning clothing

  • cleaning toys

  • cleaning items of daily use

  • cleaning and disinfecting books, also from mold

  • cleaning and disinfecting shoes, also from mold

  • cleaning face masks

  • cleaning work tools