Used as disinfection of used face masks.

In accordance with the workplace recommendation to change face mask every two hours arises an issue of avoiding potential risks associated with normal operation and following disposal of used face masks into communal waste. For this reason, our company developed a device with ability to clean and disinfect up to 1000 used face masks at once. The device kills viruses contained in used face masks in fully automatized process.

Ozone Cleaner is suitable as disinfectant for used facemasks before their disposal. The device is a solution for the problem of handling contaminated waste such as used face masks.

The device is easy to operate – after turning the key, the lock on the box is activated and the cleaning process using O₃ begins. After reaching suitable levels of O₃ the ozonation process is finished. The next step is ventilation and forced circulation of ozone gas inside the device, with help of carbon filters, it begins the accelerated process of breaking down O₃ into standard O₂. When the entire process is finished the lower lid is automatically opened and clean face masks are transferred into plastic bag located under the device. 


  • 100% disinfection guarantee (in contrast with UVC it is possible to place face masks in layers).

  • Automatization and control – BIO sensors ensure 100% safety.

  • Savings and guarantee of contaminated waste disposal.

  • Mobility of the device provides protection from all types of viruses, including COVID-19.

  • Price advantage – no additional requirements for chemicals or utility materials.

  • Maintenance free and easy service.

  • Speed – average disinfection process takes 45 minutes.