For industrial use.

The device is designed for disinfection of large enclosed spaces, halls or warehouses. The device is easy to operate, where the microcomputer controls the whole cycle.

The device is designed as a modular system, so it is possible to prepare a certain number of devices based on your requirements, program them so their performance covers 100 % of required space, and ensure disinfection in the shortest possible time.

The most necessary time for the generators is calculated based on the space, according to that we fit you with proper device.

When the required concentration of O₃ is reached, the generator circuit automatically switches off and only the ventilation system stays on, which guarantees the circulation of the generated O₃ for disinfection. After that, the device switches off completely and the rooms can be ventilated with fresh air.

We try to minimize the time and amount of gas generated for full disinfection to minimum to maintain safety in the space. The advantage is the actual setting of the cycle, and not uncontrolled ozonation, which could lead to environmental toxicity.